Do I have to give referrals?


Do I have to attend all the events?

No – you choose – it’s entirely up to you. However, for the Engage Lunch Clubs, you will need to have a monthly commitment. But we won’t force any restrictive penalties. We know being a business owner needs flexibility and that circumstances change so we will always do our best to help you.

High Impact Key Events – what are they?

All our events are designed to deliver maximum ‘impact’ for our delegates. We want you to leave any of our events saying “Wow – that was fabulous and will have a significant impact on my business”. Our events are key dates in any business calendar because delegates (and exhibitors) know that they deliver the results they are looking for. They are often sold-out. They always exceed our delegates expectations.

Are all of these events in Scotland?

Yes all the events right now are in Scotland but we would LOVE to make contact with other areas. Could you help us roll Engage Your Business into that part of the country. Do you know anyone like that?

Exhibition Exclusivity

We would like to assure members that we will try wherever possible to deliver – we certainly WON’T actively seek a competing business and if we do have one enquiring, we will chat to you first before accepting the booking. But we also do have to aim to have as complete an event as possible to ensure financial viability. Where we can offer you exclusivity is at our Engage Lunch clubs.

Can I visit Lunch Clubs in other areas?

Of course – just remember to book a member ticket and to announce you are a visiting member when you attend.

Can I be a speaker?

Members are given priority and, as a speaker, you may find yourself invited to other areas. A great way to increase your profile. Research has shown that people like to hear about subject such as Marketing, Sales, Online Marketing, Social Media, Sales….in fact most subject which contribute to the bottom line. The key to being a successful speaker is not to advertise your company and to share your industry expertise. We do need a recommendation or two though to back your application up if we don’t know you personally.

Who will I meet?

Most of our delegates are small business owners, decision makers and ambitious entrepreneurs from across all sectors. Our members are all quality contacts – we prefer this to quantity and we think you do too.

Do you share the delegate list ahead of events networking event?

Our 20 point event checklist confirms that ‘Delegate badges and Exhibitor or Delegate Lists’ are available at all events. In the case of a business show a delegate list will be generated by way of the Business Exchange Box. When you come along and put your business card in the business exchange box we will send you a copy of this list once it is complied.

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