Register on our website and complete your user and company profiles and we will market you and your company for free! No charge! No subscription!

Yes, FREE!

Using the information you provide we will

  • Enter you on our Business Directory where you can be found by name, location, business sector etc., and if you supply telephone or email users will be able to contact you directly.
  • Using the same information, we will promote you by email and social media to our many (up to 10,000) contacts.

Once you have completed your profile, you will also be able to post your own promotions and special offers onto our website which we will market in the same fashion as your company.

No cost? What’s the catch?

                 Well………You have to do a little work:

  1. Complete your user profile and then your company profile, but the forms are straightforward and only require information you will already have.
  2. You have to subscribe to our mailing list. Hopefully you will want to receive information regarding our events, but if not you can specify the type of information you are willing to receive and even unsubscribe completely via your mailing profile. It’s up to you!

Start by Registering or Logging in (If you had a login on our previous site, use your email address).

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